12NHPT: Teamwork – It’s All About Us!


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Course 12 of NHPT

Teamwork – It’s All About Us: Solving Quadratic Equations


“Teamwork – It’s All About Us” examines the effects of a positive team and those of a negative team. Teamwork centers on individuals playing their parts, where everyone is an important factor. Teamwork requires respect for others, specifically by addressing mixed feelings. Finally, positive teamwork calls for individuals to find a middle ground and a starting point, then work their way up from there. With strong, positive leadership, a team can reach the top in no time!


Course Skill Sets, Objectives, and Essential Questions


Skill Set 1

Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring

To solve a quadratic equation using factoring


What characteristic should be considered first to determine if a group is ready to be factored?

Skill Set 2

Solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square

To solve a quadratic equation by completing the square


How can you determine which number completes the square to form a perfect square trinomial?

Skill Set 3

Solving Quadratic Equations by Graphing

To solve a quadratic equation by graphing


Once a group is formed, how is its starting point found?




Other Info About Course 12NHPT*

This course includes:

  • 4.2 learning hours with 22 problems presented
  • 22 practice problems, all with video solutions that play when problems are missed
  • 2 scenario-based activities/questionnaires
  • 1 writing prompt
  • 1 review game
  • Video solutions accessible for every review problem
  • 1 final assessment

Students earn a badge and a certificate for course completion. Students can also earn a certificate for scoring 80% or above on the final assessment and a badge for earning a perfect score!

*Graph paper will be needed during this course to solve quadratics by graphing.


Suggested Number of Online Sessions: Nineteen (19) 30-minute sessions, thirteen (13) 45-minute sessions, or ten (10) 60-minute sessions


Suggested Number of Exploratory Class Periods: Twenty-one (21) 45- to 50-minute classes or nineteen (19) 60-minute classes (Supplemental practice problems and activities are available through the NHPT Teacher Manual for use in exploratory class settings.)


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