This manual is for teachers implementing NHPT as an exploratory class.


“Numbers Have Problems, Too!” (NHPT) offers an academic, yearlong series of lessons that connect social and personal skills with pre-algebra concepts. The program can be implemented completely online by students or presented in a blended format with both online learning and teacher-directed activities. The procedures, activities, and suggestions given in this manual are intended for the blended format in the context of an exploratory class setting.


In this manual, you will find course progress pages with daily agendas of student assignments, a list of course themes, such as growing up, respecting authority, and being a positive influence, with mini-project assignments and rubrics to accompany them. For instance, students can write songs, create collages, or develop puzzles through these assignments, which are intended to be shared through whole-group presentations. This manual even includes extra practice problems (paper/pencil) to be solved and discussed during class time with partners or as a group to offer support. Finally, cumulative reviews and assessments are provided exclusively through this manual to evaluate and encourage the true retention of math skills.