6NHPT: Being a Better You


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Course 6 of NHPT

Being a Better You: Solving and Graphing Multi-Step Inequalities

“Being a Better You” addresses the need to look past negativity and keep one’s focus in the more positive direction. By going in the right direction, individuals can experience an infinite amount of greatness, but going left is a completely different story. See who proves to be the bigger person by solving problems in this course!


Course Skill Sets, Objectives, and Essential Questions


Skill Set 1

Graphing Inequalities

To graph simple inequalities


How should an inequality be written in order to truly determine the direction it will follow?

Skill Set 2

Solving One-Step Inequalities with Addition and Subtraction

To solve one-step inequalities using addition or subtraction


How can one determine if the graph of an inequality will have an open circle or a closed circle?

Skill Set 3

Solving One-Step Inequalities with Multiplication and Division

To solve one-step inequalities using multiplication and division


What impact does a negative coefficient on the variable have on an inequality?

Skill Set 4

Solving Multi-Step Inequalities

To solve multi-step inequalities


What key concepts must be recalled to solve a multi-step inequality?





Other Info About Course 6NHPT 

This course includes:

  • 2.7 learning hours with 28 problems presented
  • 26 practice problems, all with video solutions that play when problems are missed
  • 3 scenario-based activities/questionnaires
  • 1 writing prompt
  • 1 review game
  • Video solutions accessible for every review problem
  • 1 final assessment

Students earn a badge and a certificate for course completion. Students can also earn a certificate for scoring 80% or above on the final assessment and a badge for earning a perfect score!


Suggested Number of Online Sessions: Seventeen (17) 30-minute sessions, twelve (12) 45-minute sessions, or nine (9) 60-minute sessions


Suggested Number of Exploratory Class Periods: Twenty (20) 45- to 50-minute classes or seventeen (17) 60-minute classes (Supplemental practice problems and activities are available through the NHPT Teacher Manual for use in exploratory class settings.)


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