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The Numbers Have Problems, Too! (NHPT) collection is a course series that covers pre-algebra and algebra concepts while connecting them to character education. Each math problem is explained by being compared to solving a problem in life that relates to the social issues that adolescents may face. By presenting the material this way, retention is increased, as students have a better chance of engaging and remembering the skills practiced through this program.


For each course, students view lessons, take notes, solve practice problems, and take a final math assessment, but they also complete writing prompts and scenario-based interactions to reflect on their character and the best way to handle real-life situations!


Adults can track group progress and view responses to writing prompts, using this feedback to have necessary dialogues with students by commenting on their work or providing guidance to the entire group!



NHPT courses are not only for the learners who are ready to explore pre-algebra and algebra concepts in preparation for those classes, but they are also designed to assist the learners who simply need remediation of those skills. Therefore, a variety of students would have much to gain from completion of the NHPT courses, such as the following:


At-Risk Learners

At-risk learners have been known to struggle in the traditional classroom setting. Through the incorporation of character education, NHPT presents the material in a unique and truly non-traditional manner, one that supports retention of the content covered. For instance, solving systems of linear equations would not normally be a desired topic of discussion for adolescents, but diversity is an interest of theirs. Tell them how individuals from different backgrounds cross paths and can share commonalities no matter where they come from (like the lines of a system that cross), and those students will definitely want to talk about that scenario and share their experiences. NHPT is a way of speaking their language!


Independent Learners

Independent learners who desire to stay ahead when it comes to math curriculum can gain that head start through NHPT. Before taking a pre-algebra or algebra class, these students can get exposure to the concepts and have the opportunity to practice them early on. Each NHPT course has thorough lessons, practice problems with video explanations, and review games that can be completed as many times as needed by the learner. This allows students to study and learn at their own pace!


Those in the Middle

Middle learners are students who will need some extra support to be successful in the traditional classroom setting. With that support, these students will grow and glow, but without it, they will fall short of making the necessary progress. Interventions must be strategically implemented in order for them to maximize their full potential. NHPT courses are a great tool in assisting these students by allowing them to gain prerequisite math skills and stay on grade level!


Even with diverse ability levels,

NHPT is the ultimate resource for practicing algebra skills.



The NHPT course series consists of 12 courses that cover pre-algebra and algebra concepts. Each course includes an introduction, skill sets that separate the overall idea into lessons, practice problems with video solutions, a review game, and a final math assessment. All math problems are presented by making the connection to a social or life skill.


The learners will also have opportunities to self-reflect on their character with Likert scales, writing prompts, and scenario-based interactions. Certificates are awarded when students successfully complete the end-of-course assessment with a passing grade of 80% or higher.


NHPT offers an experience unlike any other, one that will help students learn more about the math… and more about themselves!



The NHPT courses can be implemented for a number of reasons in a variety of settings. Here are a few suggestions:


During School

Teachers, use NHPT in an exploratory class setting by allowing students to gain instruction online, while reinforcing skills and building relationships on “Group Practice” days. Get the NHPT Teacher Manual to transform the online program into a back-and-forth exchange of ideas and learning. The paper-and-pencil supplemental practice problems can be done with a partner to truly evaluate student understanding, while whole-group conversations can amplify the social skills presented through the character education piece of the program.


During After-School and Tutoring Programs

After-School Program Directors and Tutors of Church Programs, use these lessons to teach math and encourage good behavior. Because all of the math is explained in detail, you could truly serve as facilitators by not only supporting the students with their academic efforts, but by also being there to offer your input on the life skills covered by the program.


At Home

Parents, have your child complete courses during the summer, during homeschooling, or during their down time to promote their retention of the math skills. Offer incentives to your child for course completion. You can also use the character education component to spark conversations with your child about social situations!


During Summer School

Administrators, if you’re looking for an engaging program for students that will maximize their time in your program, choose NHPT! Because NHPT reviews math and character education, students will gain the most from these lessons, and because the courses are online, the facilitator will have more freedom to work with individual students one-on-one on targeted skills.


The NHPT courses are truly dynamic. NHPT is the puzzle piece that will complete many of your programs and serve the needs of your students!



The NHPT series is unlike any other curriculum available to today’s students. It is completely unique in that it ties in social and life skills as a way to engage adolescents and help them to remember the math concepts. NHPT is what’s been missing for quite some time, the tool to help close achievement gaps and prompt the acceleration of our diverse students!


Something different has finally come along, and you have the chance to truly equip learners not only with the chance to review skills they need in math, but also with the opportunity to reflect on the skills they need in life. You will be truly amazed by the feedback from your students!


The NHPT course series is the different resource that you need to get the different results you desire!




“I have piloted NHPT lessons in both middle and high school classrooms. I have used them during summer school and even during the school day with direct instruction. I have tried them with single gender classes and with mixed groups, and no matter the setting, I am always amazed by the engagement and efforts of the students.


I love the effects of NHPT, as it gives our students something positive to think about and reflect upon. It is an experience that they will always remember. Years later, I have students visit me to discuss how they have handled situations like those presented in NHPT. It truly gave me a chance to build a relationship with my students.


I hope that you choose NHPT and that you choose to make the most of it. Even though it is online, track and view your students’ feedback and use that to hold conversations with them. Provide insightful comments on the writing that they submit. Allow students to feel safe in both practicing the algebra skills and pondering the life skills and reality checks that are covered by the program.


Get ready for a fresh, new way for students to prepare for algebra and the secondary math courses that follow!”


Dr. Kimberly Badger, National Board Certified Teacher

The Adolescent Advocate, LLC