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Solving Multi-Step Equations


“Fading Friends” is all about telling the zeros (additive inverses) from the ones (multiplicative inverses)….or in other words, discerning those fake friends from the one that will stand by you until the end. This course discusses the following skill sets:


Skill Set 1:  Understanding Zeros and Ones

Skill Set 2:  Solving Equations with Fractions and Decimals

Skill Set 3:  Solving Equations with Two or More Terms on Each Side

Skill Set 4:  Solving Equations with Parentheses

Skill Set 5:  Solving Equations with the Variable on Both Sides

Skill Set 6:  Determining the Number of Solutions


In the end, a final assessment will test your ability to differentiate between the zeros and the real ones who are there through it all.