Numbers Have Problems Too!

Numbers Have Problems Too! is the latest endeavor of The Adolescent Advocate, LLC, and is a math resource for middle school students. All of the courses were personally created by Dr. Kimberly Badger.  She then tested each lesson and piloted them in various middle and high school classrooms. Twelve courses are now available for students to explore online at their own pace or in an exploratory class setting with additional, teacher-facilitated activities.

Numbers Have Problems, Too! (NHPT) takes a look into the lives of numbers to show how the events that they experience are actually similar to those endured by adolescents. In addition to finding backstabbing friends to solve equations, students picture numbers growing old as they convert from fractions to decimals to percents, respect parents as they give their warranted wisdom, and lose and gain friends that they can count on.

Mathematical topics include computing with fractions, decimals, integers, and rational numbers; distributive property is also included as a prelude to solving multi-step equations. Students can even get exposure to algebra by exploring linear systems, polynomials, and quadratics. Character and life skills are addressed through connecting mathematical topics to ideas including maturity, trust, and confrontation. The following is a list of the NHPT courses and the topics covered:

Sets of problems in the NHPT courses are thoroughly explained by infusing mathematics and life skills. Students are then given the opportunity to practice problems on their own.

For each problem a student misses during this practice, a video of the solution is presented. Take a moment to view a sample NHPT problem and video solution below!

View a NHPT Problem

View a NHPT Video Solution