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Algebra Readiness

Discuss pre-algebra and algebra skills, ranging from integer rules to quadratic equations.


Expert Teacher

See consistent online lessons from a National Board Certified Teacher with over 15 years of experience.

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Flexible Instruction

Choose to teach skills with direct instruction, by showing online content, or a blend of both.

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What the students are saying?

Numbers Have Problems, Too!® has made a difference in the lives of many. Its impact is undeniable.

The class helped me to become more involved in school. I learned algebra, and I never even liked math. I started participating more in my math class.

Reflection from a senior

I finally get it. It is so much easier when it is taught this way. This math makes me want to learn more.

8th Grader, current participant

Prepare students for secondary mathematics in a memorable way.

Numbers Have Problems, Too!® courses relate the problems of numbers to the issues that pre-teens and teens experience on a daily basis. For instance, equations are related to friendship-finding, and exponents are compared to confidence.

This is character education in a way you have never seen before!