The program that connects algebra skills to life skills

Solving equations is like finding the one, real individual who sticks by you through it all. Simplifying expressions with exponents is like helping individuals recognize their power and use it. Finding slope is like determining one’s mindset and whether or not that mindset will take the individual to the top.


How can algebra be taught this way? Through the Numbers Have Problems, Too! (NHPT) series, of course! See for yourself by checking out the featured courses.



Cover academic standards and character education.

With these courses, you can
1) Present students with problems in a way that increases retention, like viewing exponents as having the “power” to be productive


2) Expose students to the pre-algebra and algebra skills needed to be successful in secondary math courses, while incorporating character education, social and emotional learning, and writing


3) Track student progress as a group leader, learning more about them through their writing assignments and activity feedback to build genuine relationships


Relax. NHPT teaches the algebra. You can focus on building the relationships.